abbatialis is an Latin word started with a. Here is the definition of abbatialis in English

  • abbatialis abbatialis, abbatialis, abbatiale
    adjective of/pertaining to an abbot/abbey; abbey derived;
  • abbatialisadjective
    of/pertaining to an abbot/abbey; abbey derived

abbatiale, abbatialem, abbatiales, abbatiali, abbatialia, abbatialibus, abbatialior, abbatialiora, abbatialiore, abbatialiorem, abbatialiores, abbatialiori, abbatialioria, abbatialioribus, abbatialioris, abbatialiorium, abbatialiorum, abbatialissima, abbatialissimae, abbatialissimam, abbatialissimarum, abbatialissimas, abbatialissimi, abbatialissimis, abbatialissimo, abbatialissimorum, abbatialissimos, abbatialissimum, abbatialissimus, abbatialium, abbatialius, abbatialum, abbatiale