babbius is an Latin word started with b. Here is the definition of babbius in English

  • babbiusadjective
    designation of a large variety of olive
  • babbius babbius, babbia, babbium
    adjective designation of a large variety of olive;

babbia, babbium, babbi, babbia, babbiae, babbiam, babbiarum, babbias, babbii, babbiis, babbio, babbior, babbiora, babbiore, babbiorem, babbiores, babbiori, babbioria, babbioribus, babbioris, babbiorium, babbiorum, babbios, babbis, babbissima, babbissimae, babbissimam, babbissimarum, babbissimas, babbissimi, babbissimis, babbissimo, babbissimorum, babbissimos, babbissimum, babbissimus, babbium

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